Hello. My name is Calvin.

A passionate technology entrepreneur with engineering and design background residing in San Francisco, California.


Born in Hong Kong and raised in Bay Area, California. I created my first website back in 1999 (the good ol' Geocities days) and has since developed a strong interest in web technology. After obtaining my Computer Engineering degree at the University of California, Davis, over the past seven years, I have been working with various early-stage internet start-ups as a web developer, designer and manager. One of them was funded by a well respect venture capital firm, Sequoia Capital and it was acquired by GameFly.com in 2008. I specializes in usability design, front-end development and has a strong understanding in product management and scrum development. I love meeting like-minded people, if you happened to be in town, then let's go grab a cup of coffee.


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My email address is Calvin -at- CalvinChan.net

You can also find me on: