A collection of my thoughts on product management, development, and entrepreneurship.

How to Kick Start Your Career

Here is my perspective on kick-starting your career. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to show your initiative in a domain you are interested in.

Calvin's Guide to Personal Productivity

I don’t believe in work/life “balance”. Instead, I strive for work/life “integration” where I mingle my personal and work life into one calendar throughout the day. And here are some techniques I use to maximize my productivity.

Prioritizing Backlog Using ROI

Here is a simple model to prioritize your backlog by calculating the return of investment (ROI) for your customer's feature.

The Hourglass Analogy - Here is how your product career should progress

Your product career and domain knowledge should progress like an hourglass - starts wide at the top, narrows in the middle, and then widens again at the bottom.

Why Distribution Strategy is Important For Product Managers

In the Distribute phase, the objective is to execute your distribution strategy so your customers can find your product. But distribution strategy shouldn't be an afterthought, it should be designed into your product early on. Let's look at why product managers need to understand their product distribution strategy.

Every Product Needs a Launch Checklist

Great product managers have a launch checklist to guide them through every major product launch. Here is my list from a big mistake I learned.

The 6D's Model of Product Development Lifecycle

The 6D model of the product development lifecycle is to think through the details in each phase, then work with the right stakeholders for each solution.